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The software-defined wide area network SD WAN is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections, which are used to connect enterprise networks including branch offices and data centers over large geographic distances.

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Our Experts are trained on and can help you differentiate between the following SD WAN Solutions:

Additionally, we represent over 200 voice and data providers globally and their SD WAN solutions.

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Improved Transport Options
Improved Transport Options
Because the WAN is virtualized, it allows businesses to take advantage of any data connection available including 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, MPLS, T1, Ethernet, Fiber, Dark Fiber, Serial, Cable, DSL, Dedicated Wireless, or Wi-Fi.
Better Redundancy
Better Redundancy
Businesses can plug in multiple data connections and utilize all connections in real time without downtime. Certain SD Wan solutions can take up to 6 different data connections!
More Security Options
More Security Options
The various SD WAN solutions can include a lot of the functionality available through Firewalls, so depending on the Client’s needs, could alleviate the high cost of additional equipment. However, there is flexibility with most to allow the business to continue to manage its own firewall. This is important particularly with businesses who have to meet HIPAA, PCI and other specific compliances.
Intelligent Pathway Control
Intelligent Pathway Control
One of the most important advantages of SD-WAN is that it can provide intelligent path control that steers traffic based on application. This traffic-forwarding capability can be set in place at the centralized controller level and then pushed out to all SD-WAN devices. Policies can be based on IP addresses, application profiles, port number, quality-of-service markings, time of day, or any other number of variables.
Plug and Play Provisioning
Plug and Play Provisioning
Provisioning is dramatically easier as SD-WAN enables businesses to send SD-WAN devices to branches un-configured anywhere in the world. Once plugged in, the device will download its policy, crypto certificate and keys, and automatically register the site, devices, etc. This information is now instantly available within the control portal available with most offerings instantly!
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
SD WAN solutions can help organizations avoid the high costs of MPLS networks as the equipment will prioritize by application or user. Additionally, SD WAN will help your IT Department become more efficient identifying issues, opening trouble tickets, etc. ultimately lowering your overall technology expense.

Case Studies

Case 1:

9 Location Medical Company:

Current Situation: 4.5mg/4.5mg MPLS network at all remote sites, 50mg at HQ with a sonicwall firewall and premise based phone systems everywhere.  No redundancy at any site and not enough bandwidth to run their new software application.

Monthly Expense for Network: $13,000.

New SD WAN Network – 2 separate connections at every site giving each site redundancy and  a minimum capacity of 315mgs x 45mgs, ability to run their new software through their firewall or directly out each location, guest wifi now available at all sites, no change to any premise phone system at any site except voice will now route automatically through the best of the 2 connections at each site with priority, 1/2 cabinet collocation with new firewall and 100mgs of data, now meets all HIPAA regulations, added service to automatically open trouble tickets with providers at every location and ability to control all applications, devices and users at all sites from 1 user portal via the new SD WAN solution.

New Monthly Expense for Network: $10,000. 

Yearly Savings: $36,000

Case 2:

33 Location Retail Company:

Current Situation: A mix of singular cable connections, DSL, E-LAN and T1s routing back to a datacenter with a collocated phone system and IP phones at all sites with services provided via PRIs at the datacenter. one older firewall at the Datacenter responsible for managing all traffic to public internet.

Monthly Expense for Network: $24,000

New SD WAN Network – 2 separate connections at every site giving each site redundancy and  a minimum capacity of 22mgs x 12mgs all on 1 invoice (including POTs lines), guest wifi now available at all sites and separate from internal network,  Retired existing firewall utilizing the SD WAN providers included Firewall capabilities which allows data to go directly off each sites connections, and ability to control all applications, devices and users at all sites from 1 user portal via the new SD WAN solution.

New Monthly Expense for Network: $17,000. 

Yearly Savings: $84,000

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